We can print on anything flat, however we predominantly print on clothing, paper and card. Every colour in a design requires its own designated screen. Set up costs are based on screen numbers so if you’re on a budget avoid lots of colours in your design.

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Screen Printing


We have a 6 colour carousel which allows us to hand print any design. Need More than 6 colours? Don’t worry! We use CMYK techniques to reproduce the busiest of designs.

We specialise in oversize prints. Our maximum print area is 40cm (W) x 53 cm (H)

Print position is not a problem. Standard screen printing positions are front, back, sleeve, leg, nape and pocket but we do have the capabilities to print over hems. We stock and use various inks to allow us to offer every different type of finish. We use Plastisol, discharge and waterbased, depending on the job and garment type. If you have any preference please let us know. They all have their best applications and we tend to advise clients on what’s best. Speciality inks and split fountain prints are also available for unique finishes and textures. Please check out our catalogues to see the garments we can source or you can provide your own for us to print on.

Paper and Card

We have the capabilities to print up to A0 pieces on our hand screen printing table. We use water based inks as standard and also stock speciality inks for different finishes and textures.  Posters, business cards and CD covers are our staple creations but we can also supply and print many other items.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require anything else.

Screen Printing
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